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Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU
Website Software 2Go AU

Website Software 2Go AU

Website Software 2Go AUIf you love what we do - spread the word and get paid for your effort!

We offer 5% rolling commissions on all referrals of successful Resellers. That means for any successful Reseller referral, you get 5% of all the website software they order! It only takes a few minutes to register - and it's FREE!

Send people to our website and the rest is all done for you!

Simply start referring Website Software 2Go AUpeople who you know, who would be a successful Website Software Reseller and if they become a Reseller, you will earn 5% of what they sell for as long as they are a Reseller. Our website provides all the information they can review as well as the ability to fill in the Online Application Form or Contact Us for more information. We will pay your commissions due each month directly into your PayPal account which will be 5% of all Reseller Credit they add (see example below). Please note there is no commissions paid on the Annual Reseller Fee, only Reseller credit which they add to purchase and renew websites and other products we offer.

Website Software 2Go AUTo become an Affiliate and earn commissions
1. Fill in the Online Application below.
2. Wait for your Welcome Email with your Affiliate tracking link.
3. Place the link we provide to you anywhere you want to promote the Reseller Opportunity.

You are paid commissions each month
1. 5% of all Reseller credit added by a Reseller you have referred.
2. Commissions are paid on or before the 10th of the following month.
3. You are paid to a PayPal Account that you provide below.

Here is an example
If Sam, Tom and Joe are all Resellers referred by yourself and they all added a combined total Reseller credit of $5000 in April, then you would earn $250.

Website Software 2Go AU

We supply Affiliate Tools & Resources
It is pretty straight forward! We have an Affiliate Login Area where you can see all your referred Resellers as well as any commissions due to be paid and any past commission statements. We are continually adding more resources such as banners and graphics for promoting the Reseller Opportunity.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more about our Affiliate Program or Contact Us for any questions you might have.
Otherwise, get started right now by filling in the Online Application Form below.

We look forward to approving your Affiliate Account and getting you earning commissions straight away!
Website Software 2Go AU

Affiliate Details required for Online Sign Up
* First Name :
* Last Name :
Business Name :
Business No. (eg. ABN/SSN/IRD) :
* Address 1 :
Address 2 :
* City :
State :
* Post Code / Zip Code :
* Country :
Phone :

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Cell/Mobile Phone :

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Skype :
* Username :

Used for logging into Affiliate Area,
also used to create a Replicated Website
for you such as
* Password :
Please enter a Strong Pasword Password
Use at least 1 number and a mixture of lower and upper case
* Confirm Password :
* Email Address :
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Referral Details

Where to Pay Your Commissions?

Pay your Commissions to PayPal
* PayPal Account :

(PayPal Account is the Email Address you use to Login to PayPal)
Get a PayPal Account here

Tax Settings

Tax settings are for Affiliates in AUSTRALIA Only
My ABN is as stated above in the Business Number form field.
YES I am GST Registered and I understand I will receive a Recipient Created Tax Invoice that
is for my Tax records and will indicate any GST amounts paid to you.

* I AGREE to and ACCEPT the Terms and Conditions.
For Protection from SPAM please enter the Letters
and Numbers in the Graphic in the box provided.
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