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Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU
Website Software 2Go AU
Website Software 2Go AU

As a Private Label Rights Reseller of this software pricing is completely at your discretion.
We advise the following points for you to consider:
  • Pricing too low can give the perception of low value.
  • It is easier to start with a higher price and reduce your prices via specials than start with a price that is too low and try to increase it.
  • We recommend 100% markup at the very least. Feedback from the market has indicated even this is on the low side.
  • If a customer were to have the features and functionality of the Professional Platform built for them by a developer they could expect to pay $200,000 or more.
  • If selling internationally you will need to consider the impact of tax. Please consult your accountant for more information and advice on the best option for you to choose.
  • If selling predominantly internationally you may wish to consider using US$ as your currency as this is the preferred international web currency. In this case you will need to investigate the logistics of being paid in US$ with your banking institution.
  • You can decide to include hosting and domain registration in your price or price those separately.
  • You are able to make the annual recurring fee anything you like. However please be aware the wholesale rate will remain the same.
  • Price your product to allow for special offers from time to time.
  • You may not wish to discount, so extra products or services can be another way to add value for a special offer. For example, one Reseller who owns a printing company offers a free set of business cards, or you could offer downloadable educational products as an extra bonus.

Website Software 2Go AU

Below is the 2 images showing you the Annual and Monthly prices for Your Reseller Wholesale Prices as well as the minimum Recommended Retail Price. When supplying these websites to your Customers, you will have a totally branded interface with your Reseller Business details used wherever possible, providing a true Private Label Reseller business model for you. As far as your clients are concerned, they do not know we exist! We only deal with wholesale/resellers, so any retail inquiries are sent directly back to the Reseller. We do no provide retail services, only a Private Label Reseller business model for selling Website Software and Web Services.

Website Software 2Go AU
Website Software 2Go AU

There is an Annual Reseller Fee to become and remain a Private Label Website Software Reseller. You will then get access to the Wholesale Prices above. If you would like additional Website Services we offer such as providing SEO Services and designing Website Graphics which you can read about here.

Website Software 2Go AU

Below is an image showing you the Annual prices for Add Ons that are available for the different versions of Website Software. Your able to order websites to be built and then enable Add-Ons as required to build a custom website software according to your customer's requirements.

Website Software 2Go AU
Please Contact Us and ask us for a Complete Price List showing all the Reseller Prices for Monthly and Annual Website Software & available Add Ons.

Read more about Becoming a Private Label Reseller of our Website Software by going here. You can also Apply using our Online Application here.
If you have any questions at all regarding our Wholesale prices, then please Contact Us, we look forward to helping you.

Website Software 2Go AU

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