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Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU Website Software 2Go AU
Website Software 2Go AU
Website Software 2Go AU

Website Software 2Go AUMarket your business cost effectively, quickly and easily
with a Standard Website Platform

This platform is great for someone who requires a web presence and to build rapport with customers and prospect
. All the standard features a website owner should have are included. Unlimited Pages, Email Newsletters and Blog with full statistics for all these things. This what we believe is the Standard in Websites and all businesses need these things as a bare minimum to effectively have an internet presence.

Website Software 2Go AU  Completely manage your own content
Website Software 2Go AU  Unlimited pages can be added to the website
Website Software 2Go AU Send email Newsletters
Website Software 2Go AU  Allow visitors to automatically subscribe
Website Software 2Go AU  See who is reading your newsletters
Website Software 2Go AU  Set Newsletters to be sent at a later time
Website Software 2Go AU  Unlimited newsletters can be sent
Website Software 2Go AU  Unlimited POP3 & IMAP email addresses
Website Software 2Go AU  Easy to insert images, photos and graphics
Website Software 2Go AU  Build Forms that Send Emails (no code)
Website Software 2Go AU Detailed Visitor Statistics Reports
Website Software 2Go AU Install a Wordpress Blog Website
Website Software 2Go AU Unlimited Employee Login Accounts
Website Software 2Go AU  View tracking Statistics for all Employees
Website Software 2Go AU  Complete editor for custom Theme Colours
Website Software 2Go AU Links to submit to Search Engines for free
Website Software 2Go AU  Editor for roll over effect for Navigation
Website Software 2Go AU  Roll over effect
can use images or text
Website Software 2Go AU  Change default Font of website in 1 area
Website Software 2Go AU  Upload your own custom Graphics
Website Software 2Go AU  Sends HTML and Text Email Newsletters
Website Software 2Go AU  Upload via browser or FTP
Website Software 2Go AU  Use Top, Bottom, Left & Right Navigation
Website Software 2Go AU  Spam Checker on your Contact Forms
Website Software 2Go AU  CSV Import and Export Subscribers List
Website Software 2Go AU  Import from Outlook and Outlook Express
Website Software 2Go AU  Contact Inquiry sends SMS to Mobile Phone
Website Software 2Go AU  View SMS Log files of all sent SMS
Website Software 2Go AU  View Email Log files of all sent Emails
Website Software 2Go AU  Allow Newsletters to display on Website
Website Software 2Go AU  Unlimited Domain Aliases
Website Software 2Go AU  All Web pages are SEO Friendly
Website Software 2Go AU  Edit all SEO Meta tags and more
Website Software 2Go AU  Site Map automatically built and SEO ready
Website Software 2Go AU  Use Code Modules to Embed custom code
Website Software 2Go AU  Embed YouTube and any other Videos
Website Software 2Go AU Extensive User Manual for easy reference
Website Software 2Go AU Built in Support Desk for requesting help
Website Software 2Go AU Constant Upgrades are free with no costs!

Website Software 2Go AUWebsite Software 2Go AUThe STANDARD Website package is so easy to use you can start using it within 24 hours of ordering!  You can enter content directly into the site or copy and paste from your existing website or documents. Compare all the different versions of our Website Software with the Comparison Chart or try our Live Demo of the STANDARD Version and see all the features in action and easy to use! For any more information please read over our Website Software FAQs! 



Pick which Package suits your needs
Order your Website ready to use within 24 hours
Configure your Own Custom Colour & Theme
Quick and Easy Input of existing Content
Test your Website working live
Submit your Website to Search Engines
Send Traffic to your Website and sell


Customize the Entire Website look
Change the Background Colour and Image
Set the Navigation Rollover Colours
Upload your own Buttons for Navigation
Set Navigation to have Rollover effect with your Uploaded Images
Upload your own Graphics for the Header, Footer and Navigation
Set the Background Colour of the Top, Bottom, Left & Right areas of Navigation
Change the Default Font used by the website in one Dropdown list and Save
Set the Font Colour on the page
Set the Header Image for your Email Newsletters
Upload your own HTML pages and redirect existing pages to them
Store all your Webgraphics in one place
Complete Website Assets and Files management area
Change the Website Display and Body Widths
Set Custom Top, Bottom, Left & Right Navigation spaces
Change Colours of the Website


Complete Firewalled Server in Datacentres with 100 Mbps Uplink to International ISP Networks
Spam checker on your website entry forms
Password protected Administration Log In Area
Add a Cloaked/Redirected Link to any Webpage or Website link


Keep a List of Newsletter Subscribers
Send to one, many or all of Lists
Import from an Excel file
Export to an Excel file



Complete analysis of your Website Log files
See Total Visitors by Day, Week and Month
View Unique Visitors by Day, Week and Month
View what websites referred traffic to you
View what Countries Website Visitors are from
View what Keywords were entered into search engines to find you
View SMS notices sent by your website
View Emails sent by your Email Newsletter system



Unlimited Subscribers
Import Subscribers by an Excel file
Send a Customised Email to the Subscriber List and include their First Name
Send HTML Emails that have a Text backup for Text only viewers
Customise an Email Newsletter template with your logos
Complys with Spam laws, unsubscribe feature is automated
Newsletter Archive can be viewed by the Public or logged in Members only
Records and logs every email sent
Edit the Confirmation Email Subject and Body to suit your requirements



Includes one .com domain name of your choice
Unlimited Domain Aliases (point to main website)
Add & Edit Domain Aliases in your Admin Area
Request a Main Domain Name change for a Once off fee



All pages are search engine friendly
META Keywords and Description Tags can be edited on each webpage
All pages are set to be displayed on a Site Map page for Optimal Ranking
Search Engine Test is provided in Admin Area to use before going Live
Free Search Engine Submission links to Google and 7 other Top Search Engines
Paid Advertising on Search Engine links
7 Major Tips for Search Engine Ranking



Add Custom HTML and Javascript Code to any webpage
Add Code Modules which are Custom scripts and then use a Replace Phrase to Display
Edit the Main Head Tag of the Public Website to allow Custom Scripts
View and use the Code Library full of Sample Forms and Functions
Add Cloaked/Redirected links to protect files and webpages
Upload Video & Audio files
Code Modules are located in a folder on each Webpage
Upload your own HTML Webpage with Images, CSS and Javascript files to then redirect/link to
Set a page to redirect to another page



Support is available from 7.00am - 6.00pm 5 days per week. Urgent cases outside those hours will incur a small fee. Decide your own level and format for support
User Manual with Screenshots
Library of User Guides
Online Video Tutorials
Website Wizard for Easy Set up of Main Settings

Website Software 2Go AUWebsite Software 2Go AUWebsite Software 2Go AUWebsite Software 2Go AUWebsite Software 2Go AU

Website Software 2Go AU
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