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Website Software 2Go AU
Website Software 2Go AU

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to sell websites and service your clients, and still have time to enjoy life. As a Private Label Reseller, you have the opportunity to sell more than just websites. There is a whole range of extra services you can sell, which can significantly boost your profit and your credibility.

With Website Software 2Go you have the option of providing these extra services yourself, in which case you enjoy 100% of the profit generated from those services. Alternatively, if you would prefer to utilise our specially trained Service Team, we can take care of the following services for you at extremely competitive rates.

  • Optimising a Website for Search Engines - We can provide a total makeover for a website to become a more search engine friendly website and then start a campaign to create incoming links to your client's website, setup Social Networks to link to your website, setup and maintain Google AdWord campaigns and much more to ensure your website is getting targeted traffic. With all SEO services, we provide a keyword research document showing the keywords to use in order to create the best result. Our SEO Services team is familiar with our website software and as part of the services will make changes to the website META Title, Keywords and Description tags as well as place links on the website and rename pages to be higher ranking.

  • Designing and Installing Website Graphics - If you not able to provide Graphics to your clients, then we can also provide this service for you so that you can have your client's websites look great and have a very professional look to them so that their website visitor's see your client's website in the highest level of professionalism due to being easy to use and nice on the eye! Through providing documents to your client to fill out and email back to you and then forward to us, are we able to narrow down on the graphic design and provide proofs of design first and then once your client is happy with our proofs, create the final graphics and install the graphics into the Website Software. We can also provide Business Card, Letterhead and Brochure Design based on any designs we provide. All master files are provided to you and your client so that you may do as you wish with them afterwards.

  • Inserting Content and Building Websites - Are you more of a marketer and would rather be making sales than building websites? Our content services will suit you then and allow you to focus on marketing and sales and let our team insert content and build webpages for your client.

  • Configuring Websites for highly structured web businesses - If you have a client that has extensive needs from their website, then we can assist your client and/or yourself to configure the software. Most people find the easy to use interface and user manuals very easy to follow and rarely need help in configuring their website, although sometimes people require quite different and no the every day types of scenarios and this is where we can help!

  • Custom Programming and Development - Does your client need a totally custom website software application? Or do they need our current Website Software extended to suit their custom needs? We can do both! We have supplied totally custom web applications for clients since 2000 with extensive experience in creating highly sophisticated e-commerce websites.

Our Services Team...
  • Are friendly.
  • Are professional.
  • Are trained in the website platform where required, and are highly skilled in their specialist area.
  • Will represent your company brand professionally when dealing with your clients.
  • Will complete tasks in a timely and professional manner.
  • Will liaise with you regarding any questions that arise.
  • Will not discuss costs with your clients.

You are welcome to add any other services you would like to offer your clients and train your team members to provide these services. You can utilise our team on a project by project basis. Think of us as your on call Service Team.

The following services are what we provide our Resellers for their own use...
  • High Priority technical support 24/7
  • Training
  • Marketing ideas and offers
  • Suggestions for extra products and resources
  • Provision of extra resources with Private Label or Master Resale rights
  • Forms and resources to help you sell web sites (eg Brief Form, Graphics Brief, Sample estimate letters...)

As a Reseller of Website Software 2Go software, you have access to our Reseller Resources. Download training powerpoint slides, access training videos, download extra resources to help you build your business successfully.

Want to know if we provide any service in particular? Please Contact us for any more information, we look forward to helping you.
Website Software 2Go AU

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